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276 Mitcham Road, London SW17 9NT

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About Us

Where We Are?

You can find Coppin Bros at,

276 Mitcham Road, London SW17 9NT

Telephone:- 0208 672 6053

E-Mail:- coppinbros@yahoo.com 


Who We Are?

Coppin Bros are one of London’s oldest surviving family butchers and still operate from the original South London site on Micham Road in Tooting.

 In the last 100 years there has been more than 15 family members who have worked for the firm.


Coppin Bros  has been under new management since the start of 2015, Paul Coppin’s successor Irmantas Danilevicius has now taken over and continues to run things using the same traditional methods and values.

Paul Coppin has a book available for download (A Butcher’s Guide To Buying Meat) published Here.

Paul Coppin Book Cover

Why We Are Different?

Coppin Bros are one of the very few shops in the country who still create them special rare and excellent classic dishes.

The Victorian Christmas main course “Pandora’s Cushion” Has long been a traditional special and in high demand is our traditional “Danish ham” a prize winner in its class at the ‘Q’ guild awards as was our “Scotch salt beef“.



What We Do?

Coppin Bros supply all forms of meat to both the general public and catering outlets both large and small. The policy of the firm is still that of the founder James Coppin, to sell only top quality products at a fair price. This policy has proved its worth in the last 20 years as thousands of family butchers have closed through lack of support.

Coppin Bros has actually increased its market share. Our traditional butchery style is fast returning as the preferred way in quality butchery. We are, in a way, a “bespoke” butchers.

The customer comes in, tells us what they need (or even asks what would work best for the planned meal) and we cut and prepare what’s wanted to the personal needs of the individual customer. This was the normal way in the 1900’s and now the discerning customer is once again looking for that level of personal service.


We buy only from the top suppliers and our produce is checked in the traditional way for quality and not price.

Beef is licensed Scotch Aberdeen Angus sent direct from Scotland, Lamb is from fresh home produced Welsh free range stock, and selected meats are cooked on premise under fully licensed conditions using traditional recipes.