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Home Cooked Danish Ham

Our Home Cooked Hams are perfect for sandwiches, buffet tables, parties and Christmas dinners. We are proud of our achievements and would recommend you come try one of our beautiful Danish Hams. Gammon is the premium joint from the hind leg, whereas bacon joints are slightly cheaper and come from the front legs or shoulder.

Danish ham



Danish Ham £11 per Kilo

The Q Guild Awards

We are proud to say our home cooked hams have won in their class at the Q Guild awards.

All retailers who carry the Q Brand are approved at regional level before undergoing a thorough independent audit to ensure the business meets the standards of hygiene and quality that have been set by the Q Guild.

Q Guild butchers use traditional butchers craft skills and support the British Farming Industry to ensure that the meat they sell continues to meet the standards necessary to maintain the reputation of the Q Guild.