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Pandora’s Cushion

Stuffed Goose jp1 Now that Turkey has become almost an everyday meal why not consider stepping back in time and trying a very special main course from the Victorian era. Some years ago we reintroduced the famous ‘Pandora’s Cushion’ from a recipe which had survived from James Coppin’s days in the firm. Better know as a ‘Victorian Stuffed Goose’ this rare dish consists of a boned Goose stuffed with a boned chicken stuffed with a boned pheasant with a boned quail at the center. Each bird is separated with a thin layer of homemade force meat made by us to the original recipe. The whole thing is then hand stitched back into the original size and shape of the goose.

Geese are well known for not having a large meat ratio and I suspect the Victorians,who loved their food,invented this dish to solve that problem as in this mode a goose goes a very long way indeed.

The other problem associated with geese, that of being too greasy is also removed by the removal of the bones which harbor the internal fat and the inclusion of the dryer chicken meat which helps to even out the meat as a whole.

The preparation of each bird takes us about 30 mins and takes traditional skills which are now sadly rare in the modern high street and we are lucky in that all our staff have at least 20 years experience in traditional butchery methods.In recent years we have been sending these geese by special delivery all over the country and to Europe with amazing success

From £58.00(feeds 4 to 6)
to £100.00 (feeds 12+)

Victorian Stuffed Gosse